Jesus where do I begin,

Well possibly I could introduce him Denis aka Big Denbo is my Father. I currently live at home. I suppose Denbo is a very complex character as most men and I guess fathers are. I am the youngest and definitely the best out of four siblings.  Me and Denis  have a very hilarious routine. It begins every morning by Denis having his morning shave and he wakes me by banging the razor off  the sink extra loud as if I don’t get up he shouts YEOOOOO YOUR WOMAN! Denis refers to me as Your woman I don’t know why or if it has any meaning I think its because he often forgets my name.

I will groggily go downstairs and wing the kettle and get two cups out. I do have to point out that Denis is retired pensioner and actually has no reason to be up at half 6 every morning however he has taken to do so hence the reason for the morning ritual. When I moved home three months ago the first thing we did was get completely wrecked round the kitchen table the night ended of him staring off into space while Luke Kelly screamed Proud Irish songs when Luke Kelly comes on its time to go to bed.

Denis is an information gather of all things and needs to be informed on certain things on a daily basis. The conversation goes as this

“Did you get to work on time”

“Do you want dinner”

“How did you get on today”

One time there was murder in the house because I already ate before I came home. Denis was deeply offended. How dare I eat a big mac over the typical dinner he prepares which has remain unchanged since I can remember. Chicken Kiev’s Spuds and sweet corn.

I think the reason for the fear of change is when I was born I believe my mother and father were separated my mother sadly was an alcoholic. I never blamed my mother for her drinking problem or my father I think I was for a long time growing up angry at those who had mothers and I didn’t. Little did I know there was someone who was trying his best in a real mad situation. He raised all four of us on his own and I still think he blames himself for the way it all went down.  He honestly wants nothing but the best for us and yes he goes about it completely the wrong way but number one he’s a man and number two parents haven’t a clue.

It took me a long time to cop on to the fact he just wants to know the craic and be included and now I sincerely embrace the fact we sit and have our morning tea and our dinners.

One time we were all packed in the car and taken to Bangor for the day and we were all insane children screaming kicking punching balls of life regardless of the age difference.

Thank Christ for our Claire the eldest who was always able to give me a da a break before he imploded. Anyway these drives were always accompanied by now I believe amazing soundtracks. This was the latest which is still played round the kitchen table today

Greatest Hits of the Bee Gees….. Oh yes Denis is a major disco fan… Ever seen him at a wedding??? WILD! So on comes on the tones of Jive Talking.

Me and Stephen are trying to see who can bite each other the hardest. Our Claire sitting planning her wedding to half of take that and our peter just seeing who was winning the game. I remember feeling the car jolt to deliberate halt  and seeing a flicker of a car door winging open.

I noticed we were at the bottom of the Cavehill Road  and currently in traffic????

I saw Denis hand reach for the volume control on the car radio of the Benz those who know me da know he has always driven a merc and still thinks hes one half of the blues brothers…. That could be true…. I noticed the volume getting whacked up and saw Denis my own father bounce out of the car and perform the John Travolta hand in the air dance pissing himself laughing…… It lasted a mere 5 seconds but that will be engrained in my memory and a story I love to tell. I remember all the others freaking out screaming

GET IN THE CAR ARGHHHHHH dying off to the ground swallowed up material. I remember thinking and even to this day “Denis you are cool as fuck” I think he just wanted to have a bit of craic and saw an opportunity and took it. Literally people who know me know I do anything for the laugh and I think from this little episode that’s where I got it from.




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